How long have you been in business?

HomeMade products are made by CaniSource, a company founded in September 2005 which is proud to count today a faithful and established clientele all across Canada. The comments are unique : our different foods work, and yield tremendous benefits. Try one of our formulations with your dog and he’ll love you for it.

How accurate are the feeding guidelines?

Feeding guidelines are exactly that : a GUIDE. Or a starting point if you prefer. Whether it be with HomeMade or any other food on the market, it is impossible to tell exactly how much your dog needs to eat. That’s because there are too many variables that come into play such as age, metabolism, activity level, the season, etc. The only way to know exactly how much your dog needs to eat is to see whether he gains or looses weight and adjust accordingly. Remember that the quantities for your dog may change over time because of the season or a change in activity level.

How fast can I see results? My dog has allergy problems.

With HomeMade, 70% of the results are usually seen after about four weeks. And it’s usually three months before complete results are seen.

If my dog eats less, can I expect to see fewer stools?

Yes you can. Since the dog eats less and a bigger portion of the food is digested with HomeMade, most customers report the stools to be much less than before, darker in colour, and at a much-reduced frequency than before. So do not be alarmed if your dog only makes stools once a day instead of three to four times. He is not constipated.

How do I transition to HomeMade?

We recommend our customers to mix the old food and HomeMade for approximately a week in order to do a transition between them. However, do not be alarmed if your dog picks the HomeMade kibbles and doesn’t want to eat the old food anymore. This is what happens in the vast majority of cases, and the transition still goes over really well despite being instantaneous. Be careful not to overfeed though as it can cause loose stools.

In the first few weeks, there is a good chance your dog is going to be hungry. Despite getting everything he needs on a nutritional level, eating less food than before means his stomach is going to be half empty. Combined with the fact that dogs love the taste of the HomeMade, there is a good chance he will ask for more in the beginning. After a few weeks, his stomach is going to shrink down and get accustomed to the new volume of food. So, if your dog starts to leave food in his bowl after a while, it’s not because he doesn’t like it anymore. It’s because he finally adapted to the quantity he actually needs to eat.

If this hunger is very pronounced, you may feed a little more in the beginning, and then reduce slowly to the quantities suggested on our feeding guidelines. Just remember not to exaggerate with the quantities as overfeeding may cause loose stools.